Midvale Sessions (2012) [MP3]


  1. 1. California (Here I Come) [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00
  2. 2. The Burial Ground [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00
  3. 3. Everything Makes Sense [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00
  4. 4. Turn It All Around [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00
  5. 5. The Road Back Home [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00
  6. 6. Windy City (Instrumental) [PREVIEW] Joshua James Hunt 1:00


Midvale Sessions was recorded in a 1920’s house in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, California and named after an underground concert series which took place on that same street for a short time. His most collaborative work to date, the album features performances by talented musicians Will Wells (Imagine Dragons, LMFAO), David Ely (Red Not Chili Peppers, Pacific), Darcy Stamp (Josh Groban, George Canyon), and Joshua Barnhart, as well as guitar effects courtesy of Paul Nordeen. The album draws subtle influence from southern rock and folk rock with a slightly grungy, real world aesthetic which complements the songs well.

Track Listing

  1. California (Here I Come) – 4:20
  2. The Burial Ground – 3:29
  3. Everything Makes Sense – 3:51
  4. Turn It All Around – 2:53
  5. The Road Back Home – 3:43
  6. Windy City (Instrumental) – 1:18
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